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Would you like to know about the candidate’s personality beyond skills from the CV or resume?

Does it take too much time and effort to look beyond the candidate’s CV or resume?

Do you wish to select candidates based on proven employee success factors in your organization?


of employers rank personality over skills as the most desirable employee quality


of employers seldom look beyond the CV when selecting candidates


of employers do not have data to justify their hiring assessment strategy


of employers make hiring mistakes every year


of employers are unable to connect employee data points to make talent management decisions

Pulsifi changes everything

Actionable insights. Understand people beyond their CV or resume, including their competencies, experience, personality, interests, values and potential. Even before you interact with them.

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Almost instantaneous profile of each person

Prediction of fit to role, team and organization

Single, unified view of each employee

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The Pulsifi platform is different

We understand both the hard skills and soft traits of candidates and employees

We learn from your experience with employees to assess candidates better

We partner you throughout the talent lifecycle, from hiring to talent development

Experienced industry professionals endorse us

"No company in the HR space is doing what Pulsifi is doing"

Group HR Director, multinational listed company with over 40,000 employees

"HR should be 99% talent management, where Pulsifi plays, and 1% admin and process, where the other companies play"

Regional Head of HR

"This is the best platform I have seen so far"

Chief HR Officer, multinational listed insurance company with over 30,000 employees and 60,000 agents 

"Nobody has ever used big data to produce such insights that are actionable"

Regional Territory Manager

"This is something many companies want but are not able to develop"

Senior Business Intelligence Consultant


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