We provide various assessments and analyze multiple data sources to understand each person better across hard skills and soft traits.

Resume and Job Description Analysis

resume analysis
Intelligent Text Analysis

Understand an individual’s skills, experience and competencies, and how much of them match the role requirements. Our platform uses parsing, natural language processing and semantic understanding technologies to analyze resumes and JDs.  

Psychometric Assessments

Personality Discovery

Understand the different aspects of an individual’s behavioral tendencies and characteristics that affect performance at work. 

Work Interest Discovery

Understand the different types of interests and preferences for various types of work tasks and environments. 

Work Culture Discovery

Understand the different values that drive an individual’s motivation to work and perform at work.

Cognitive Assessments

Verbal Reasoning

Understand an individual’s ability to comprehend complex pieces of written verbal information in English to solve problems.

logical reasoning
Logical Reasoning

Understand an individual’s logical ability to understand and apply abstract patterns and rules to solve problems.

Numerical Reasoning

Understand an individual’s ability to comprehend complex pieces of numeric data and use mathematical methods to solve problems.

Video Assessment

Video Interview

Gain more insight into candidates by having them self-record video responses to your interview questions.

Find out how Nestlé used platform to truly understand their candidates and improve efficiency by over 70%. 

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