Pulsifi Brings Science-backed Generative AI To Its Talent Acquisition Platform

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Kuala Lumpur, April 8: Pulsifi is excited to announce the launch of generative AI features on its Talent Acquisition Platform. The science- and research-backed generative AI solution introduces powerful new capabilities that produce more sophisticated candidate insights and enhance the existing features of the platform. Available globally beginning today via the Pulsifi platform, the new […]

What is Pulsifi Assessment

Recruiting is the lifeblood of your company, but in today’s talent war, finding the right fit feels like searching for a unicorn on a unicycle. Resumes are polished facades, interviews can be nerve-wracking charades, and gut feelings, while valuable, sometimes lead you astray. Introducing Pulsifi assessments, a powerful tool redefining the recruitment landscape for the […]

How AI Job Matching Reshapes Recruitment

When discussing traditional hiring practices, the first thing that comes to mind is the manual review of numerous resumes, a time-consuming task. Additionally, recruiters invest significant effort in crafting job descriptions to ensure the position appeals to potential candidates. Artificial Intelligence (AI) has been revolutionizing the recruitment process for quite some time now. The statistics […]

New Resume Upload Flow

Our platform has been updated! Candidates can now incorporate their skills and proficiencies into their applications. This update enhances candidates’ ability to showcase themselves more effectively. For you, it provides a sharper understanding of how these candidates match your job roles. How exactly does this work? Step 1: Resume Candidate uploads their resume     […]

A Comprehensive Guide to Recruiting Marketing Metrics

Modern hiring is a two-way street. Not only do candidates do their best to land a job with their desired employers, but organizations also need to market themselves to attract and hire the best talent. But how do you know if your recruitment marketing strategy is working? Using recruitment marketing metrics can help you out! […]

How Pulsifi Platform Works

Pulsifi seems to work like magic: predicting with great accuracy how someone will perform for your company, how well they will collaborate with your team, and how they will fit into your culture. But have you ever wondered how our Talent Prediction Platform works? And how does it work so well at that—achieving over 90% […]

Diversity-Driven Leadership: How Inclusive Teams Excel

In today’s rapidly changing business landscape, one thing has become abundantly clear: diversity is not just a buzzword but a driving force behind innovation and success. The businesses that thrive are those that understand the value of diversity-driven leadership. In this blog, we will explore how inclusive teams excel, backed by real-world examples of companies […]

Effective Talent Acquisition: Innovative Strategies for Building a Dream Team

Welcome to the dynamic realm of talent acquisition!  In the grand scheme of things, the workforce forms the bedrock of any organization, and having a stellar team can be the secret sauce for achieving organizational triumph. It’s all about finding the right people, and that’s where a top-notch talent acquisition strategy framework comes into play. […]

Hiring for the Future: How Predictive Hiring Assessments Lead the Way

As you know by now, having the perfect resume or interview doesn’t guarantee that you’ll find the right person. There’s more to discovering the ideal candidate than what’s presented on paper. That’s one reason why 58%  of recruiters now depend on Artificial Intelligence (AI) to identify top candidates.  An illustrative application of this technology is […]