We are looking for a Senior Data Scientist who:

  • Have experience in conducting end-to-end data analysis and communicating with non-technical audiences.
  • Are passionate about solving difficult problems creatively.
  • Are multiple disciplinary and independent thinkers.
  • Can articulate their own thinking even in conflicts.
  • Can learn and apply new knowledge/techniques on the fly.
  • Can demonstrate a spirit of cooperation and teamwork.

What you will do: 

  • Working in a cross functional project team whose responsibilities include requirement gathering, experiment designs, data analysis, report generation and result communication.
  • Designing, implementing and deploying machine learning systems to support product features.
  • Developing the best practices to ensure data reproducibility and fairness.
  • Proactively seeking an opportunity to improve the product. This could be a new technology, a more efficient model or a new paradigm looking at the problems.
  • Providing guidance and advice regarding data analytics to other team members.

You meet all or most of these requirements: 

  • Having advanced degrees in Statistics, Mathematics, Computer Science, Natural Science and other related fields.
  • Having 3+ years of experience in the field of data analytics or equivalent level of maturity. 
  • Fluent in at least one of the computer languages such as Python, R, Julia.
  • Having experience in Natural Language Processing (NLP), Neural Network, and Knowledge Graph.
  • Having working knowledge in MLOps tools such as DVC, Mlflow, Kubeflow, Tensorboard, etc.
  • Having working knowledge in data engineering tools such as Big Query, Airflow, SQL databases, Prefect, etc


Feb 14, 2022