Your best people at a glance

Our Fit Score algorithm helps you predict your top talent with 97% accuracy, and is customizable to your organization’s competency and behavior requirements.

Focus on the right predictors

Our machine learning algorithm analyzes people outcomes and learns to refine the right predictive traits for success, thus making more accurate people predictions.

Make your people decisions matter

86% of employers do not have data to justify their hiring strategy. Use people analytics to provide insights on your people and make impactful decisions aligned with your organization’s goals.

Get personal before getting personal

What makes people tick? Zoom into your candidate’s experience, personality, work values, and interests before even scheduling the first interview.

Why Choose Pulsifi?

AI & Analytics

Our predictive models are original, developed by our team of organizational psychologists and data scientists.


Our models incorporate multiple dimensions of people traits that contribute to workplace performance


We curate organizational theory and research to create a best-of-breed framework


We collaborate closely with you to tailor a solution that best addresses your needs