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Future Forward HR: Crafting a Human-Centric Work Culture

In the ever-evolving landscape of work, the role of Human Resources (HR) is undergoing a transformative shift towards a more human-centric approach. This webinar will delve into the strategies and practices that pave the way for a future-forward work culture that prioritizes the well-being, growth, and engagement of employees.

Speakers & Sub Topics:

Anung Anindita – HR Strategy Expert
Inclusive Leadership: Fostering a Diverse and Supportive Workplace

Discuss the role of leadership in promoting inclusivity and diversity, and how it contributes to a positive work culture that values each employee’s unique perspective and contribution.

Arry Ekananta – Chairman ONECHRP
Breakthrough Human Capital : Optimizing  Human Capital Value Added

Empower participants with actionable approaches to enhance employee productivity, engagement, and overall organizational performance, ultimately contributing to sustained business success.

Christine Sterk – Chief Business Officer Pulsifi
Navigating the Digital Workforce: Balancing Technology and Humanity by Understanding Individuals in the Workforce

Examine the integration of technology in HR practices and how to strike the right balance to enhance efficiency without compromising the human touch in employee interactions.

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