Going Beyond ATS to Improve Recruitment in 2023

Many Talent Acquisition, HR and business leaders are spending sleepless nights post-pandemic. Hiring the right talent quickly and efficiently to survive the war for talent is the need of the hour. Those who implemented an Applicant Tracking System (ATS) are busy navigating through it to find meaningful answers and those without, are managing recruiting on Excel, emails and phone-calls while looking for the right ATS.

Moment of truth – neither are likely to win the war for talent if they carry on looking for plain vanilla ATS.

In an integrated, high-paced business environment, people processes must be collaborative with insights flowing seamlessly from managers to HR teams and back. Systems must be connected and data – real time & deeply embedded. Worth exploring whether your current ATS is a standalone platform that does not enable data optimization or collaboration. It may just be the right time for you to consider tools that can complement your ATS to help you elevate your hiring process in 2023.


The 1-2-3 of Transforming ATS into Recruitment Management System

A great place to start would be to look at what your ATS can deliver and consider what challenges you are facing or insights you are missing that could enable you to make better hiring decisions, if you had access to them, delivers better user experience for managers, recruiters and candidates and meets the time and cost pressure of running your business.

1. Minimize routine tasks to maximize efficiency

You may want to consider investing in a video interviewing tool that allows both recruiters and hiring managers to screen candidates beyond the written word, together if they so want and multiple times without inconveniencing the candidates should there be a need to revisit. Healthcare major, Baxter implemented Pulsifi’s video interviewing solution that helped them cut shift screening time by 67%. Pulsifi also uses parsing, natural language processing and semantic understanding technologies to analyze resumes and job descriptions (JDs) to understand an individual’s skills, experience and competencies, and how much of them match the role requirements.

2. Employ psychometric assessments on top of resumes

Jury has long been out and decisively so on hiring for soft traits such as culture fit, work values and personal traits beyond just skills and experience. However, relying on the resume alone does not help recruiters make such assessments. Working with assessment providers across cognitive, personality and other psychometrics assessments could help provide a more holistic understanding of each candidate. Pulsifi’s solution combines key assessment parameters and job-related skills so results can be viewed as simple ‘fit-scores’. You can also review deeper insights and can uplift candidate experience by giving them some take-home results too!

3. Harness the power of predictive analytics to improve your hiring strategy

Data is the new oil and all technology investments you make, starting from assessment tools to AI will need a golden source. Most ATS providers out there seem to have a clear handoff to some form of HRIS right after a candidate is onboarded and that may be your biggest lost opportunity. How the new hire performs in the first two years or what kind of peer feedback did a candidate who scored high on ‘collaboration’ competency receive over the months are examples of critical aspects that many of us struggle to tie-up together. Pulsifi can work with you to unify your candidate’s performance and talent records, internal feedback and other data on this hire you just made to fine-tune the predictive analysis for your next hire.

Your way to victory in the war for talent probably has many variables but getting your weapons and armor right is key and it all starts by looking beyond the good old ATS.

Pulsifi integrates with a variety of ATS platforms, like SuccessFactors, Workday, Taleo, and more to help streamline your recruitment and provide you with holistic insights to make better decisions.

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