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Thousands of young talent enter the workforce every year and it’s important that you identify and hire them before the competition does. Our graduate hiring solution helps you do this using predictive analytics and AI technology, all while elevating your employer branding and providing a great candidate experience.



of hires performed as
predicted one year into their role



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Find out how 83% of top candidates ranked by Pulsifi were hired by a top multinational consumer goods company. 

Truly Understand Each Candidate

Our platform unifies multiple sources of data, giving you a true understanding of each candidate’s competencies, their fit to the role, as well as their fit to your organization’s culture. 


Engage and Delight Your Candidates

Showcase your employer brand by delivering a consistent experience from job application and assessments to considerate communication. Each candidate gets a report that details their areas of strength and improvement to help them be the best version of themself. 


Hire Better and Faster

Time is a critical factor when you have promising candidates knocking at your door. Our advanced filtering capabilities help you view best-fit candidates, first. Once you’ve shortlisted a list of potentials, move them to the next stage of hiring via a streamlined, single-platform process. 

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