High Potential Identification

Finding your star players

We often ask managers, "What do you like about your best employees?"
They would reply that their best employees display qualities like resilience, proactiveness, agility, leadership, etc.

But these qualities are not evident from each individual's background or experience.
We need data and predictive models to assess future potential.

This is how we do it.


Pulsifi's High Potential model developed based on our work with leading organizations and industry research

People Centric

Takes different perspectives and understands individual differences.


Responsible for one’s actions and work.


Adopts a growth mindset to continuously improve one’s work.

Avant Garde

Adaptable and innovative when faced with challenges.

Result Driven

Tendency to strive for work excellence and quality.


Self aware and displays humility in receiving and giving feedback.

Stakeholder Savvy

Motivates and influences stakeholders on wider organizational imperatives.


Solve problems using logic, and is able to dissect and analyze pieces of complex information to come up with solutions.


higher engagement rates


decrease in attrition rate


revenue growth for teams with hi-po employees

Define your talent success profile

We work closely with you to understand your organization and your employees to identify the traits that make up the success profile. We tailor the solution to your needs with POLARIS+ as the foundation.

Truly understand your people

Assess your candidates or employees with our well-researched assessments that cover personality, interest, culture and cognitive ability. Our models analyze these aspects to provide you with actionable insights on each person’s strengths and development areas.

Grow your organization's talent

Our platform provides personalized learning and development recommendations to each employee and his/her manager. This helps your organization design learning and development plans that are highly specific to each employee.

Let your star players take your organization to greater heights!