Hiring Automation

Hire best-fit talent, first

Never miss out on the right talent. Pulsifi’s hiring automation solution leverages AI and predictive analytics to uncover your best-fit candidates quickly so you can get them on your team before anyone else.

Pulsifi's Hiring Automation has achieved


candidate experience rating


increase in candidate processing efficiency


reduction in time-to-hire

Find out how Baxter used our AI and predictive analytics to hire their top 5% of candidates and improve overall efficiency. 

Identify best-fit effectively

AI-powered resume parsing tells you how well each candidate fits to a role so you can hire the best candidate, confidently.

Cut down time-to-hire

Streamline the sourcing to selection process while making decisions based on real insights, in real time. 


Collaborate with ease

Collaboration is easy on Pulsifi’s single platform that allows you to share, comment and review candidates with your team.

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