Getting insights rather than just data on each talent in your
organization is just the first step.
What if you can look into the future to predict how well they can perform?

Make talent decisions based on data rather than gut feel and biases.

Pulsifi's People Data Platform helps you uncover the potential of your organization's talents, leveraging predictive analytics and AI. Unify various talent data points and predict with over 90% accuracy on outcomes such as if a candidate is the right fit for the job, if an employee would thrive in a given environment, and much more.

Start making proactive HR decisions.


Predictive analytics for talent acquisition

Talent Acquisition

Streamline your hiring processes while using actionable insights to guide your hiring decisions.

Predictive analytics for high potential

High Potential Identification

Identify and cultivate high potential employees. Build success profiles of key roles for future hiring.

predictive analytics for organizational culture fit

Organizational Culture Fit

Predict culture fit by analyzing values, beliefs, competencies and behaviorial fit with your company.

predictive analytics for personal development

Personalized Development

Get personalized employee development recommendations based on your organizational requirements.



of hires selected using Pulsifi’s platform performed as predicted one year after hiring


reduction in total interview time as higher quality candidates were shortlisted for interview


accuracy in predicting competencies and behaviors in talents to support learning and development

Shahzad Umar

Head of Human Resources, Nestlé Malaysia & Singapore

“Pulsifi has improved our hiring by identifying candidates’ key leadership traits and selecting the top 1% of young talent in the market, while improving efficiency. Pulsifi is a committed partner that brings strengths in AI and predictive people analytics to complement Nestlé’s domain knowledge.”


vivatech manpowergroup startup challenge 2021

Winner, Startup Challenge, “Creating the Digital Agent” Category, ManpowerGroup / Viva Technology

1st Place Winner, HR Tech PitchFest

Heineken Hr Brewhouse

Winner, Wildcard Category, HEINEKEN HR Brewhouse; Only winner from Asia out of 4 category winners

EY Foundry

Selected into EY Foundry APAC out of over 270 companies Foundry

Selected into the first SAP.iO Foundry Singapore out of over 100 companies

Startup Grind

Selected into global Startup Grind Accelerate; Top 5% of over 2,000 companies


predictive analytics and AI
AI & Analytics

Our predictive models are carefully developed by our team of organizational psychologists and data scientists.

predictive analytics - holistic

Our models incorporate multiple dimensions of people across hard skills and soft traits.

research-based predictive analytics

We ground our models on organizational theory and research to create the most comprehensive framework.

consultative predictive analytics

We work with you on customer-centric solutions, complementing our data-driven approach with the human touch.

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