How it works

Pulsifi combines data science, organizational psychology and information technology into a user-friendly experience

Organizations achieve greatness via great people

Great people are great not only because of their skills, but also because of their personality. Personality can determine attitudes, feelings and behaviors in the workplace, such as grit, creativity, leadership and teamwork, which are what employers really look for in great employees. Also, employees’ personality collectively help define organizational culture.

But it is challenging to holistically assess the greatness in people. Not much about personality can be gleaned from CVs or resumes; interviews and assessments require much resources; skills and personality need to be evaluated and weighed separately; and employers do not have data to back which skills and personality traits better lead to success for each role at their organizations.

The power of data

Our analytics platform provides actionable insights into people at a speed and cost that is unimaginable through traditional approaches.

We live in the digital age where big data may know us better than we know ourselves. The first thing Pulsifi does is aggregate people data. This includes data inside your organization, such as candidate and employee background information, training and performance records; as well as data outside your organization, such as CVs and resumes, information across the web, social media, industry research and databases. We believe that it is not possible to get the full picture without data from both inside and outside the organization. Every organization and its needs are unique!

Next, our artificial intelligence, machine learning and predictive models generate deep profiles of each person, incorporating competencies, experience, personality, interests, values and potential. This is far beyond the employment and education history that CVs and resumes describe.

Actionable insights

We understand from the data what traits possessed by employees drive the success of individuals and teams at your organization. We then focus on these traits in recommending people strategies across talent acquisition, talent management, learning and development, and business.

We answer the talent questions you are most concerned about, such as:

Is this candidate a strong hire because of fit?

Which people do I bring together to build strong teams?

In which areas do I develop employees to groom them to their fullest potential?

Fit to role, team and organization

Our objective is to help you achieve stronger fit for your people. Fit ultimately drives the highest-level organizational people outcomes like performance and retention. Great people make great organizations!

Elevate your talent management now!