Level up your candidate interview using Pulsifi’s personalized interview kit 

The ideal candidate is thought to be someone who has the right skills and years of experience in a relevant field. We, however, believe a unique set of soft traits can differentiate a great hire from the rest.

While our People Data Platform provides insightful pointers on each candidate by evaluating their hard skills and soft traits, it is equally important for interviewers to ask the right questions during the interview in order to accurately assess the candidate’s eligibility and cultural fit.

In this case, using generic interview questions for every candidate just won’t cut it!

Introducing… our interview kit!

Our interview kit contains everything your team needs to conduct a focused, purposeful interview and collect valuable feedback.

Personalized to each role

  • After analyzing each candidate using our predictive algorithms, our platform recommends a list of questions based on the traits that are important for the role. The questions are designed to help interviewers gain a deeper understanding of their work styles, culture and interests.
  • The platform highlights the traits that the candidate scores exceptionally high or low in, so you can choose to focus your interview on the critical areas.
  • Asking questions specific to each candidate’s profile provides more room for candidates to share and discuss in much more depth, allowing you to validate what is most important for each candidate to succeed in the role, and make the most out of the time allocated for the interview.


Convenience meets functionality

  • Before you start the interview, you’ll have all the candidate’s information such as their resume, assessment results, etc. within easy reach in their profile.
  • As you conduct your interview, you can rate the candidate on each trait and leave a comment or note on your impression of the candidate’s response to a particular question.
  • After rating the candidate on each trait, you can give an overall rating to sum up your evaluation on the candidate.


Collaboration made easy

  • Share the interview kit with other stakeholders in the interview panel with just one click for ease of consistency across interviews and so that they can leave their feedback or ratings accordingly. The stakeholders are not required to have an account with our platform.
  • View all feedback and ratings left by everyone in the interview panel for each candidate, consolidated onto one page for easy reference.


Some important things to note:

  • Try using a conversational tone in these interviews so that the candidate feels more comfortable expanding on their answers that will highlight the traits that make them a good fit for the position.
  • It is important to remember that the questions in the interview kit serve as a guide. You don’t have to follow the exact order and there’s nothing wrong with “going off script” at times as needed.

Explore how Pulsifi’s platform can help you hire faster and better. Talk to us.

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