New Resume Upload Flow

Our platform has been updated! Candidates can now incorporate their skills and proficiencies into their applications.

This update enhances candidates’ ability to showcase themselves more effectively. For you, it provides a sharper understanding of how these candidates match your job roles.

How exactly does this work?

Step 1: Resume

Candidate uploads their resume



Step 2: Personal Details

Candidate adds their personal details. Candidate has the option to include a professional summary as an introduction to themselves.

Step 3: Work Experience

Candidate adds their work experience.


Step 4: Skills

Candidate enters between 3 and 15 skills that are relevant to the role they are applying for.

They must assign a level of proficiency for each skill – novice, beginner, competent, proficient and expert.

This list of skills will be matched to the job-required skills to generate an accurate fit score for the candidate.



Step 5: Education

Candidate enters their education experience, starting with the highest level of education.

Candidate has the option of describing their achievements for each role.

Step 6: Additional Details

Recruiter has requested additional information from candidates, this page is where it will appear.

Candidate fills in the information and acknowledges they have provided complete information and that they have read the terms and conditions of the application.

Step 7: Review

Candidate reviews the details they have entered and submits their application.



Candidate Profile: Overview Tab

All skills required for the job that have been entered by recruiter in job setup appear in this skills card.

The skills submitted by candidate that match any of the skills required by the job are highlighted in blue.

Recruiter now knows at a glance, how well the candidate’s skills match those required by the job.



Candidate Profile: Experience Tab

This card lists all the skills that are submitted by the candidate when applying to the role. The candidate must enter at least 3 skills along with their proficiency level.

Recruiter can easily see the candidate’s list of skills and their level of proficiency.

That’s it people. That concludes our new resume upload flow.

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Pulsifi Team
Pulsifi Team

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