Organizational Culture Fit

Cut down your employee attrition by improving culture fit,
not just focusing on skills

A company hired a top sales person from one of its competitors.

The candidate was used to working in an environment with set rules and procedures, and found it difficult to thrive in the company that had a more entrepreneurial culture. This affected her performance at work and her job satisfaction.

This is why culture fit is one of the most important aspects of helping people to achieve their potential.


higher engagement rates


decrease in attrition rate


revenue growth for teams with hi-po employees

Assess culture fit

Our assessments and models identify how much each person embodies particular values, how much each person expects particular values from others, and from there, each person’s alignment and gaps with the organizational culture.

Tailored to your organization

We work closely with you to map your organization’s culture and values frameworks, incorporate them into our predictive models, and implement them for you on our platform.

Consistency at scale

Deploy the culture fit model on our platform across teams, offices and locations to enjoy objectivity and consistency benefits. Reduce reliance on gut feel and subjectivity.

Want to know how well your employees align with your organizational culture?