Personalized Development

Transform the learning and development experience through personalization

94% of employees would stay at a company longer if their companies invested in L&D.

However, many of these trainings that companies invest in are one-size-fits-all, which employees may not fully benefit from.

The reality is different people have different strengths and development areas.

Start creating highly targeted learning experiences with Pulsifi now.


Boost employee engagement with development activities that are more personal and relevant to them


Maximize employees’ capabilities and efficiency at work, and ready them for new and different challenges


Provide the path for your employees to continuously grow together with the organization

Match employee and organizational needs at scale

Our platform holistically assesses each employees’ work styles, interests and values to identify their strengths and development areas based on your organization’s needs.

Proven effective L&D model

Our development recommendations apply the 70:20:10 model:

70% : informal, on-the-job, experience-based, stretch projects and practice

20% : coaching, mentoring, developing through others

10% : formal learning interventions and structured courses

Caters to different levels of learning needs

  • At the moment of need
  • To practice and hone competencies to manage the current job better
  • Developing specific competencies that align with the business goals
  • New competencies to grow in the organization

Develop and retain your best people today