Pulsifi Brings Science-backed Generative AI To Its Talent Acquisition Platform

Kuala Lumpur, April 8: Pulsifi is excited to announce the launch of generative AI features on its Talent Acquisition Platform. The science- and research-backed generative AI solution introduces powerful new capabilities that produce more sophisticated candidate insights and enhance the existing features of the platform.

Available globally beginning today via the Pulsifi platform, the new generative AI solution generates data and insights to help employers address questions such as: what makes up a candidate’s fit score for a job; why a particular candidate is a good fit for the role and also employers them decide how to choose from multiple candidates for a job role.

This new solution marks Pulsifi’s foray into the world of generative AI to further strengthen the company’s calibre in HR tech, namely, providing science and research-backed insights to enterprises. Pulsifi’s AI is driven by data and science, leveraging more than 50 years of organisational psychology research and validation with clients.

Globally Benchmarked Solutions With A Strong Focus On People


All Pulsifi solutions are benchmarked to global industry standards, and the company has been able to achieve that as it validates and refines predictions and insights based on customer feedback and the latter’s employee performance data.

“At Pulsifi, we recognise that people are multidimensional, with various skills, experiences, personalities, interests and values. Employers who value and harness the multidimensionality of their people, find that the latter show improved job performance and satisfaction.

For instance, our research demonstrates that organisations utilising Pulsifi’s AI-powered analytics platform have observed significant enhancements in performance.

“The platform’s predictive analytics, coupled with AI, boasts a 97% accuracy rate in predicting culture and values fit, and an 81% accuracy rate in predicting competencies and behaviors. Such precision fosters learning and development, cultivating a more aligned and cohesive workforce. In other words, Pulsifi technology diagnoses people at work and prescribes what they need to succeed,” says Pulsifi Malaysia chief business officer Christine Sterk.

She adds, “Our new generative AI solution greatly benefits employers in this respect by helping them understand and assess a candidate’s suitability for a specific role. While our current AI-driven insights offer context and clarity, generative AI helps us provide deeper insights related to the skills and work experience relevant to a specific role. All these people data points work together to empower organisations to make more informed and accurate hiring decisions.”

New Solution Provides Powerful Insights To Enterprises

Enterprises will benefit from the new generative AI solution by:

  • Understanding exactly how a candidate’s role-fit score is derived by adding up their scores for each component of the job.
  • Being able to easily see how a candidate has performed against the most important components of the job.
  • Accessing AI-powered role fit insights to get a qualitative analysis of the candidate’s role fit breakdown.
  • Being able to understand how well a candidate’s skills match those required by the job.
  • Having access to deeper insights into how well the candidate’s skills match against those required by the job via a colour-coded heatmap.
  • Understanding how relevant a candidate’s work experience is to the role they are applying for.
  • Understanding a candidate’s past work experience matched against the experience required by the role they are applying for and generating AI insights to gain more context.
  • Having access to enhanced candidate reports.

The new generative AI solution is now accessible to global customers via Pulsifi’s corporate website. For more information related to the product, visit: https://pulsifi.me

About Pulsifi

Pulsifi’s mission is to change how talent is defined by uncovering human potential in the workplace.

The company provides enterprises with a data science and AI-powered people analytics platform that profiles a candidate based on their soft traits and hard skills and predicts how well they would fit in an organisation or role. Since 2017, Pulsifi has served customers in 54 countries and gained international recognition for its contributions to HR tech, including top wins at the Manpower Group’s Startup Challenge and the 2020 HR Tech PitchFest. Pulsifi is also featured in the World Economic Forum’s white paper, Future Readiness Of SMEs: Mobilizing the SME Sector to Drive Widespread Sustainability and Prosperity.


Pulsifi Team
Pulsifi Team

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