Pulsifi Learning

Find, keep and nurture your talent

Retaining talent has just gotten a lot smarter. Arm your organization with an AI-powered intuitive learning platform that empowers businesses and individuals to master any skill, anywhere, anytime.

Pulsifi helps you


AI job matching and gap analysis auto identifies learning needs for individuals and teams.


80,000+ content covering hard and soft skills auto recommended to each individual.


Automated reports on ongoing talent development towards your specific objectives.

Understand your people

A dashboard that provides instant, comprehensive understanding of each employee for clear management review.

Analyze group insights

Identify talent within department or company and track learning progress towards your goals.

Discover tools to grow

Automatic recommendations from our library of 80,000+ top learning content curated for each employees based on gap analysis.

Guide & nurture

Each employee and the manager can set goals and tasks for learning and growth acceleration.

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