Sourcing & Selection

Source efficiently, hire effectively

Every single mis-hire costs you precious time and money. Getting it right means proactively sourcing talent from a quality pool of candidates. We work with a deep database of quality talent across different skills and industries that’ll supercharge your sourcing and selection process and make sure you hire effectively.

Pulsifi's Sourcing & Selection has achieved


accuracy in predicting best-fit candidates


increase in candidate processing efficiency


savings in cost per hire

Find out how Baxter used our AI and predictive analytics to hire their top 5% of candidates and improve overall efficiency. 

Quality candidates from the start

Tap into a pool of ready and available talent who are pre-screened for best fit before they are presented to you for selection.  

Streamlined hiring

View all candidates on a convenient platform that delivers best-fit analysis and talent insights in real time. 


Select the best-fit

Confidently select the best person for the job based on an accurate understanding of the individual.


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