3 Graduate Recruitment Trends to Watch in 2023

Are you attracting the right talent? We live in a different world of recruitment. How graduate talent works, looks for jobs and wants to be hired has drastically changed in the last two years. One thing is for sure; getting an accurate pulse on emerging graduate recruitment trends isn’t easy. We put the legwork into […]

How to Ask Strategic Interview Questions to Hire the Right Candidate

graduate recruitment

Look, we’ve all been there. Our employer branding is on point, our job descriptions attract crowds of talent, and our candidate pipeline is overflowing. Unfortunately, it’s filled with talent that ultimately isn’t a good fit for our hiring role. The question on our mind is, “How do I know who our best candidates are?” The […]

Uncovering Hiring Bias in Graduate Recruitment: What does the “Right” Candidate look like?

The struggle to find the candidate with the right “fit” to the job and organization is a constant battle. 45% of employers find it challenging to fill the talent demand within their organizations. As organizations move from a structure-driven culture to a people-driven culture, organizations are investing heavier into building a sound talent pipeline, with […]