How to keep your best talent constantly engaged

High-potential talent are every organization’s best asset. Chances are, this would be the pipeline for your succession planning, as high-potential tend to get selected as the future leaders of your organization. Therefore, in order to achieve your long term business goals, your best bet is to enable and empower this group of talent. However, while […]

5 types of bias that affect your hiring decision

The existence of bias in the human mind is an evolutionary trait, one that was born out of the need to survive. Back when mankind lived in tribes, picking the wrong people to trust could have very well been fatal. Thus, our minds have adapted to make snap judgements about others, marking them either as […]

How reliable are non-verbal cues when hiring?

Job interviews are not a modern invention; they date back to the early 1900s. In fact, it is said that one of the most popular (and perhaps peculiar) job interviews in the early days, was conducted by the lightbulb inventor, Thomas Edison. Whenever Edison was looking to add someone new to his team, he would […]

What are Malaysian and Singaporean employers looking for in talent?

Snagging the right talent to fill a role in an organization is one of the top challenges Malaysian and Singaporean employers face today. The big question is: What makes a person ‘right’ for a role? The answer to this question has been an ever-changing one. Once upon a time, employers may have chosen to look […]