Lateral Hiring

Great companies are built by great people.
It all begins by hiring right

We recently partnered a multinational company to hire for junior HR roles.
Which candidate below do you think would be the best hire?

Candidate 1

  • Worked as HR executive
  • HR major
  • CGPA 3.5

Candidate 2

  • Worked in a business role in a startup
  • Psychology major
  • CGPA 3.8

Candidate 3

  • Worked frontline in hotel
  • Biochemistry major
  • CGPA 3.5

ANSWER: Candidate 3 turned out to be their best hire.

All three candidates applied for the job on Pulsifi’s platform and completed assessments. Usually, Candidate 3 would not be considered because of her atypical background. However, our algorithm assessed the candidates from various aspects and gave Candidate 3 a high score. Here’s why.

She was a warm person, passionate about helping others, and communicated well. These are important qualities for a HR role. Our platform convinced the company to interview her, and she was offered the role. After 6 months of work, the company confirmed that she was the best performer in her batch.

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increase in candidate processing efficiency


reduction in time-to-hire


candidate experience rating


With Pulsifi, Nestlé was able to increase its applicant processing efficiency by 70% by cutting 300 man-hours of processing time.

Find out how we achieved great outcomes for Nestlé in the case study.

Deliver great candidate experience

Applicants can directly upload their resumes, complete various psychometric assessments and video interview, all in one platform. They can view their assessments results to help them get to know themselves better. Best of all, it’s mobile-friendly!

Your people at a glance

Get a comprehensive view of each candidate in real time. Our platform combines and analyzes various data – such as resume, assessments, videos, etc. – to provide you with insights on your candidate’s experience, personality, interests, values and work styles, even before the first interview.

Integrate your SAP Success Factors with Pulsifi to leverage AI for talent acquisition, in one integrated platform.

Selection tailored for you

The same role could be different in different companies. Our predictive models can incorporate role requirements, organizational culture and competency frameworks to suit your organization.

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