Who Are We?

Pulsifi is a Singapore and Malaysia-based tech company with the vision of helping people achieve their true potential.

The idea sparked when our two founders came to the realization that people are the most critical resource in any organization. Today, our team is dedicated to deciphering the complexities of human potential using people science and Al, while empowering organizations to make more informed, accurate people decisions using data.

Along the way, we hope to help people learn more about their own potential, enabling them to live up to the best versions of themselves. 

That, for us, is what Pulsifi truly stands for.


Does our vision resonate with you?
Discover how you can help turn it into reality. 

Meet The Team

Jay Huang
Co-founder and CEO
Pete Yoong
Chung Jaan Hao
Chief Operating Officer
Terrence Yong
Chief Business Officer
Peter Vogt
Ashley Narayanan
Director, Client Engagement
Julius Thio
Business Development Manager
Agnes Yew
Project Lead
Ahmad Zaim
Product Support Specialist
Benny Ng
Software Developer
Caleb Foong
Research Data Scientist
Cecily Chia
Interaction Designer
Chong Chee Yuen
Software Developer
Eddie Chua
Organizational Psychologist
Enoch Lau
Technical Lead
Gee Xun Chen
Ho Kheng Yee
Senior Software Developer
Jeremy Tee
Kek Mei Tzy
Data Analyst
Nisha Naidu
Marketing Manager
Pouyan Talvandai
Solution Architect
Rashimah Rajah, Ph.D.
Organizational Psychologist
Tan See Yin
Product Manager
Yvonne Teoh, Ph.D.
Research Psychologist