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Recruiting is the lifeblood of your company, but in today’s talent war, finding the right fit feels like searching for a unicorn on a unicycle. Resumes are polished facades, interviews can be nerve-wracking charades, and gut feelings, while valuable, sometimes lead you astray. Introducing Pulsifi assessments, a powerful tool redefining the recruitment landscape for the better.

Pulsifi assessments are based on scientifically validated assessments that allow you to truly understand your candidates to make better hiring decisions. Pulsifi assessments consist of six different assessments – a combination of psychometric assessments that test a candidate’s personality at work, their work interests and their work culture and cognitive assessments that test a candidate’s logical, numerical and verbal abilities.

Here’s what makes Pulsifi assessments unique:

  1. Multi-layered insights: It’s not just about ticking boxes. Pulsifi assessments combine psychometric and cognitive evaluations, providing a holistic view of a candidate’s capabilities and tendencies.
  2. Predictive power: Forget resumes that tell you what someone did; Pulsifi helps you predict how someone will perform and thrive in your specific company culture and role.
  3. Data-driven decisions: Gut feelings may guide you, but data empowers you. Pulsifi provides actionable insights based on real data, eliminating bias and guesswork from your hiring process.
  4. Real-time feedback: No more waiting weeks for results. Pulsifi assessments deliver instant feedback, allowing you to quickly identify top talent and move them through the pipeline efficiently.


Benefits of using Pulsifi assessments in your hiring process

  1. 90% accuracy in candidate selection: Identify the right people, right from the start, reducing costly hiring mistakes and employee turnover.
  2. 70% less hiring time: Automate the shortlisting process and reduce recruitment time.
  3. Meet DEI needs: Eliminate unconscious biases that can skew your judgment and ensure a fair and inclusive hiring process.
  4. Enhanced interview preparation: Gain deeper insights into candidates, allowing you to tailor interview questions and focus on areas that truly matter.
  5. Predictive performance: Build high-performing teams by accurately gauging a candidate’s potential for success and long-term fit within your company.
  6. Increased job satisfaction: When you hire the right people, everyone wins. Employees feel valued and engaged, leading to higher productivity and morale.

Pulsif’s hiring capabilities go far beyond assessments. We take it one step further with our robust AI that analyzes the candidate’s CV and assessment results to provide two fit scores of how well the candidate fits the role and the culture. With this information, you can easily prioritize the candidates with the best fit score and streamline your recruitment process. 

Puslifi’s AI has transformed the way global companies like Nestle, L’Oréal and KPMG do hiring.

Find out how this can be done for your business.


Pulsifi Team
Pulsifi Team

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