Pulsifi on RecruitingDaily’s Use Case Podcast

Our CEO & Co-Founder, Jay Huang was recently featured on RecruitingDaily’s Use Case Podcast. Listen in on this interview as he highlights the use case or business case for why our clients choose Pulsifi.

Question 1:

Introduce yourself and Pulsifi

Question 2:

A single view, which is really important because you’re combining a lot of disparate systems that people have had to use before. Tell us a bit about the single view and what does that look like for your customers?

Question 3:

So on the back end of that, what’s the technology, without getting into the secret sauce? There’s got to be some logic or machine learning or AI. There’s something behind that. Tell us a little bit about that.

Question 4:

With one being a success profile and the other being a candidate profile, how frequently is it updated or recalibrated? Especially with the candidate profile, how do you keep up to date with scenarios where certain hard skills have changed or maybe their soft skills have changed?

Question 5:

Where does this sit in the organization? Share some insight with customers – where do they play with the workflow? And secondly, who’s using it? Who’s in it, using it, managing it, et cetera?

Question 6:

Why did you create Pulsifi? You could have built literally anything so why did you point all your energy and passion towards Pulsifi?

Question 7: 

Pulsifi defies a category singularly, but how do you want people to think of Pulsifi in terms of the solution itself?

Question 8:

What would others say that you do? Some say, “Well, it’s talent analytics.” or “It’s talent intelligence.” With all these new fancy terms, some people call it something completely different. So if unaided, what would you think others would call Pulsifi?

Question 9:

Do you see a path forward in terms of team dynamics? And having worked on a bunch of teams, back to the BCG, do you see it informing how teams are formed, et cetera?

Question 10:

When you show Pulsifi to folks for the first time or you get to actually be on a call and get to show them things. What’s kind of your favorite part and what’s their favorite part of the demo?

Question 11:

You can’t buy something without talking about price. It doesn’t need to be in the first four or five conversations. Eventually you’ll get there, but there’re other things that are more important. So what are some of the questions that you love to receive from practitioners, your prospects?

Question 12:

What’s being displaced here? When people bring in Pulsifi, are they getting out of Excel? Are they getting out of some broken processes or other technology? What’s being displaced?

Question 13:

What is your most recent favorite customer story without mentioning brands or names — just something where all of a sudden, a customer uses the technology in a way that you’re like, “Wow. That wasn’t on our roadmap.”


Pulsifi Team
Pulsifi Team

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